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(The before and after)

So the girls and I took almost a million photos and selfies, I thought what am I supposed to do with all these photos. I mean you can't just post all of them on Instagram (that would be a crime) and I'm not that really in to Facebook to make an album for it. So I decided, why not blog about it. That way I could share to you all how the event really took place. Happy reading folks!

The girls and I were checked-in in St. Giles hotel around 2pm after we were all fetched in SM Makati. It was great meeting all these ladies, and to think, we all got along on the first day. We were all surprised how everyone was so close instantly, and mainly since we had a lot of things in common, one of it is taking selfies. Hey! it's what brought us here *giggles* Though the girls and I weren't all in one floor, we had different floors and different rooms. Everyone had a roomate designated. Mine was CJ (Hi girlfriend!) This girl is pretty amazing, I swear! It was like we were soul sister, we got tons of things in common.

  • Both into photography

  • Both are fans of Anne Curtis

  • We understood each other artiscally

  • We were the only ones who brought a luggage

As of now, those are the things on top of my head, but I swear there was so much more! We ended up staying in the room the whole day and taking tons of photos. Later that afternoon, the other girls decided to chil in our room which was great. Then we all watched a filipino movie in Cinema one and endless chikahan.