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Colgate Optic White Plus Shine


The Colgate Optic White plus shine with Solenn event was definitely an experience I'll never forget, I'm sure for the 6 other girls too. It was an experience you'll bring with you wherever you go. I've met so many incredible and talented people. The team, the staff, the girls and of course Solenn Heussaff. Solenn was so down to earth and not to mention so real. What we see through the camera is way different when you meet her in person. To be honest, I've never met anyone as real as her (no kidding) it felt like she was one of us, just chatting and having a casual day at the spa. There was no hesitations when we were sharing stories. The whole event was so surreal, from the moment we checked-in, down to the time we were saying our goodbyes (which was the hardest part). It was the complete package! We all really felt like winners and having these giveaways was the cherry on top. Mainly because it had a sentimental value. The mason jar was custom made just for the event. If you look closely, it's very well-designed and thought of until the very last detail and it was given to us on the spot. We all have it, even Solenn. Actually, she was the one who iniated to keep it, and they all just spontaneously said yes.

And the other reason why this is so special, is because Solenn had a personal note for us. I mean that's not something everyone really does, since it's truly an effort to do, but she did *smiles everywhere* feeling extra special.

#colgate #iveaway #colgateopticwhiteplusshine #masojar #solenn #solennheussaff

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