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7 reasons why shooting at home is fun and sometimes even better!

(the bikini is the cherry on top)

Growing up, I've always been into photography and sometimes, well actually, most of the time it was really hard to take photos of myself. I rememeber the struggles when I didn't have a tripod, then so I would pile up books or luggages just so I could get the perfect angle and right after almost 20-30 frames I would only like one or two shots. See the stress that I had to go through just to achieve the certain peg that I have in mind. So imagine doing it outdoor? I don't think so. So here, I would share to you all why it's more convenient an,d fun to take photos at home. Either if you have tripod or just like me who is lucky enough to have a boyfriend slash photographer who really gets how I like my shots taken, so thank you babe! I always remind myself how my blog would be if it weren't for you. *hearts hearts*

But just to clarify, there is nothing wrong taking photos outside, it's even better at some aspects but for this blog post I'm leaning on the convenient of shooting at home and how fun it could be. As a person who paid her fair share infront and behind the camera, I would say being infront can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, especially in public. I have to admit that not being that shy anymore infront of a camera took a while, when I say a while, a whiiiileeeee. I mean it's not easy to pose in public and see people stare at you as if you're an alien. But of course now a days, blogging has been a thing, and with that said I'm very thankful to the influencers that made the society welcome it. I won't make my intro too long so I could go straight to the point. Happy reading folks!

Reason #1

Posing is way more comfortable since there is no one around staring at you. You could make the most wackiest or even the ugliest facial expression and there is no one there to judge you. So feel free to laugh at yourself when you see your photo. Especially the candid ones. El-Oh-El

Reason #2

Using props for your shoot is easier since everything is in your home. If you forget something, you can just head up to your room and get as well as in the kitchen or in the bathroom. You get the point right? *giggles* Also, you get to clean up anytime after. Just make sure to clean up before your mom gets home. Cause you wouldn't like what she's gonna say if she's sees it. (Guilty myself)

Reason #3

There's no time preassure. Unlike when you rent a studio, you get so pressured to get dress, to think of a