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Floral and a bit mature than the usual

All thanks to Lola and Daisies

Before anything, you may be wondering what's up with my title. Let me explain why. I am not a heel type of girl. Don't get me wrong, I love how they look and the confidence that it gives but they just really really really hurt my feet (need I emphasize more?). I swear, I can't last long with it in any event. In a bar, I end up staying in the restroom just so I could sit. In a party, I would have to bring extra flats to wear before and after the event (sometimes, even during) And no, I don't wear them on casual days but I've always wanted to try, especially when I saw ensembles that matched it with ripped jeans. Gosh! They really look nice. Not to mention, make you look taller and thinner.

I have tons of friends who love love heels, but I never really understood why, but now, after getting my very own pair of nude heels that I got from Landmark which by the way was 20% OFF even has the option with or without the strap. This is why I love midyear sale! Now, I finally understand what the big fuzz is all about. They are crazy beautiful and so great to match in any outfit you got planned for that day mainly because nude heels work with anything and does not pull ropes in any attention with the whole style. It actually even compliments it more. And not just that, heels especially the basic colors such as black, white and nude are great investments. As a blogger and currently still a student, I could use it during events, photoshoots, defense and interviews. Just a little tip : Don't get something too high cause in the long run they cause varicose veins and trust me you wouldn't want that. I was once told it hurt really bad.

So matching it with this matching floral top and short from @Lola_Daisies was the good way to go for a birthday dinner planned out that day. Since my top was alreadly grabbing attention, I had to lay low with my shoes, so the nude heels polished the whole ensemble. I have to admitt, this outfit was dip in the puddle and so far I'm liking where it's heading.

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Instagram : @Lola_Daisies

This was my very first #OOTD of me wearing heels! Let me know what you guys think my commenting below. Something that I recently added in my blog.

Photographed by : Miguel Azada

Location: Whiteplains (his home)

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