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If you like Piña Colada 10 reasons why pineapple + tropical prints is always a good idea

If you guys have been following me since the beginning when I moved in to this new home, you'll notice that I have a thing for tropical prints especially pineapples. Anything that screams tropical makes me flip, okay I'm over reacting but they do really tickle me to my bones whenever I see one. Whenever I'm in the mall I have a keen eye for tropical prints. It has something to do with the colors - pastel + beach colors. So now, I will share with you all why tropical prints such as pineapples, cacti, flamingos or any summer fruit is delightful and at the same time addiciting for me. If you can relate with these reasons that I'm sharing, then honey, it's time to accept the fact that you have a thing for tropical prints as well.

Reason #1 They instantly give you a good mood, don't deny it. Whatever the season is, they instantly give you a good mood.

Reason #2 They always look fresh and nice in flat lays just like this, don't you think?

Hi there George! Adopted this baby from @MrandMrsGreenph necklace from @Thecreativesoulph obviously my favorite one!


You are never not on style, tropical prints are groovy!

Reason #4 They are just not beneficial in what we see, but also delicious as a drink (the fruit drinks I mean)

Reason #5 They are great as bikinis! Just like this one from @BeyondTheBeachPH

Reason #6 Having a plant cactus is not that really hard to take care of.

Reason #7

Whenever you miss the beach, just have a tropical surrounding, and you already feel like your there.

Reason #8

They make a really good case for you phone.

Reason #9

They really make a good looking cake, espcially this one, check this link Oh I just love the Beverly hills hotel bananan leaf print!

Reason #10

They also make a good wallpaper at home - beach vibes Heart shaped sunnies from @Georginasasha

That sums it all!

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