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Why trendy statement necklaces are important

Why is jewelry such as necklaces important? Jewelry is the perfect way to bring life and contrast to an outfit or style and enhance your best features. What better way to finish your look with a trendy, striking and attention-grabbing piece of statement jewelry that best describes yourself and your style. Statement pieces are designed for you to have fun with and can also make a great first impression. Okay, just to clarify, not all trendy statement necklaces necessarily have to be huge and eye catching. Somtimes it just has to be simple and best describes yourself. Such as your favorite item in the world or the item that represents yourself. Some can be the acronyms of you and your loved on or even your nickname, some can be a statement of yourself as well. It really all depends on you and what you think matches your personality. Plus, I believe the more it's your the more that it's sincere and that what makes it truly beautiful.

My statement necklace is these three necklaces from @TheCreativeSoulPH, The Creative soul are handstamped designs, personlized accessories and crystal jewelries. My favorite is the pineapple one, obviously. Mainly because I'm such a pineapple freak, any pineapple print, design or anything that relates to pineapple, I go coo-coo! Kidding, but it's my favorite tropical print.

The "M" & "L" necklace stands for Miggy and Lexie

#thecreativesoulph #necklaces #jewelry

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