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Bikinis all day everyday!

wearsundae cover.jpg

Even if it's already sweater weather and cuddle weather, I'm still having a summer hangover and practically still lingering on it. Even if we often see the sun lately with all the gloominess just coverig it up and can I just say how much I miss baskin' under the sun. I mean who doesn't? Don't get me wrong, I do love the coolness that the rain gives and staying in and just watching tv series like FRIENDS or Big Bang Theory (which I'm currently doing) with a good cup of coffee or tea. But at some point you would still have urge to go out and feel the sunrays on your skin and the breezy air down your spine. Well I guess it's safe to say that, there's only a certain dose of the rainy season we could all take.

But even with that said, the rain won't stop me from wearing a bikini, especially this one fom Wear Sundae. I mean this is just too beautiful to just let it lay in a corner and just not use it. Right? Besides who say that you can only wear one pieces such as this in the beach or in the pool? I say anywhere. Even wearing it casually to watch a movie or something.




Pineapple pillow from @happypillx