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Finding that perfect notebook & reasons why you should always have it with you


I'm not sure if all of you search for the perfect notebook like I do, but choosing a certain design of a notebook says a lot about yourself. And not just design wise but for your own personal use as well. Here's a few reason why you should always have one with you. But before that, I just want to share that even if we live in a very digital world, at some point in our lives we still have to go back to being basic cause you'll never know when your phone suddenly goes low batt or what if the app suddenly crashes. So it's better to be safe than sorry.

As an artist, most ideas pops out the least you expect it. For example, brand names, logo or even just a simple idea. It's handy to have a pen + notebook with you to write it all down. Don't wanna lose that creative output of yours to waste. Also keep in mind that it's just not your creative outputs that should be written down on your notebook but as well as your thoughts, ideas or even if you just feel like doodling. Your journal is one of the places where you can write anything about yourself and your life. Emotions are feelings that sometimes need to dump into a piece of paper, a notebook is a great way to clear someone's head.

Lists. Who doesn't love listing all sorts of stuff? Like, your very own bucket list, things you're grateful for, songs yo're going to download when you get home, places in the world you want to see, books you would love to read, etc. Wouldn't it be fun when that list suddenly pops out from you head, you have a notebook and pen to instantly write it down and let me just tell you that the feeling whenever you check off or cross out anything in your list, oh... the feeling is incredible. Trust me.


I'm so glad my perfect notebook is the BON VOYAGE Travel memoir from One for the road -A traveller notebook. One for the road are made for dreamers, meant for adventurers. Produced for the pursuit of the road less travelled. When you’re travelling, the nitty gritty should be the last thing on your mind. Born and bred in Manila, the travel mavens behind One for the Road will surprise you with travel essentials you never knew you needed. At the very least, they hope to inspire the desire to travel. Simple, practical, convenient. Featuring its debut product, Telón - a lightweight, waterproof, multipurpose travel mat. Whether it’s a trip to the local beach or an adventure halfway across the world, Telón is your ultimate travel partner with its transportable weight.

You can read more about this in (constantly work in progress, they add new goods everytime)


Got a question or simply want to say hi? Feel free to call them at at +639178466453 or email them at You can also check their Official facebook page by clicking here Instagram: @OneForTheRoadph

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