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Congratulations KIM NUNEZ for winning the Lupe Saenz giveaway contest! (Shared her answer for everyone to know why she won and how beautiful her answer is)


@kimxnunez: "I really like this shoes because it has its own personality, you can actually customize it according to your desire, but no matter what you do with it, play with the colors, make it plain or splash color with it like the rainbow or fill it with monogrammed letters of your name, or perhaps have that edgy snakeskin captoe, it won’t lose its quality, that it is made from genuine leather that it can definitely stand through time for it is made at the shoe capital of the country, that it is proudly filipino made and it will take you whenever you wanted to.that it won’t lose it’s essence that it is a Lupe Saenz, quoted as "Inspired by the women who wear them.” it’s just like me, like this phase in my life where I am conquering that i am stepping forward by letting go of everything that burdens me and forbids me to live a free-spirited joyful life..i want to take a go outside of my comfort zone to go off my limits to see what i can do, to take chances.. i can customize myself as well just like this shoes that i can choose my path and be who i want to be without actually losing WHO I AM. i can have different looks, i can be different, but it will always be me, I will always be a Kim , i can change without losing the essence of being me. It is seldom that I meet my perfect match but the Lupe Saenz is an exception."

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