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Summer state of mind

(All thanks to CESA PH, Lureclothing mnl and Laroveshop)

So I guess by now it's pretty obvious that my whole blog and Instagram feed is about summer, practially my whole life. Yes, it's my current state of mind and I'm not really sure how long it's gonna last but I'm pretty sure it might take a long long time. Hopefully you guys enjoy the tropical feel while you're at it. Can I just say how much I'm obssesed with this off-shoulder crochet top from @LureclothingManila it just goes along perfectly in any swimswear I match it with not to mention in casual ensembles too. I'm so lucky to have collaborated with such a great brand like this.

And before anything, I just want to thank my boyfriend Miggy my decision maker / photographer / my all-in-one package for being supportive in what I love to do - blogging. He has been in every post, event and snap that's I've experienced. He may not be infront of the camera all the time, but he's the man behind of all of these. Not just in my blog but in my heart as well. I don't normally do this but I just thought he deserves it. Thanks babe *cheesy pizzas everywhere*

When @CESAPH invited me for this collaboration in all fairness I had to step back from my laptop and take a second to realize if I was misreading it or not. But no, it was really them. I've been a fan of Cesa since I can remember, maybe every since I saw them in the bazaar for the first time. Cesa is not only a great brand by name or looks but as well as the quality of their bikinis. You can tell once you have a feel of it. To those who don't Cesa here's a little something about them. Cesa is a beachwear line (swimwear + coverups) that is proudly designed and made in the Philippines. Their inspirations are usually taken from natural elements of the seaside and infused with the bohomehian attitude of free-spirits. Cesa's team are a very passionate group of individuals, who love the beach and at the same time value good, functional and most importantly original beachwear design.

What they sent me was the White Anchorband maillot, ins't it such a beauty? How the back area makes it look tropical and elegant all at the same time. Not only can you wear it to swim but even for a casual look just by matching it with high waisted shorts and boom you're good to go.

Make sure to check out their official website by clicking here. Official Facebook page by clicking here.

Instagram: @CesaPh

May I just say, I've never worn sunnies this huge, but guess what? I'm truly loving it. Change is good right? Thank you so much @Laroveshop for sending me these pair of sunnies.

All photos photographed by Miguel Azada

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