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Poetry anyone?

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Okay before anything, I just have to say that this collaboration really got me up and running when @MagneticPoetry was up and open for it. Mostly because it's something different and unique in it's own way. I mean where have you seen magnetic poetry anywhere? You can stick it on your refrigerator or anything that's magnetic. Also, you can make your own sentences that you feel like making.

So this is the Magnetic Poetry's STARTER'S KIT has over 350 magnetic word tiles it includes some favorite nouns and a number of the mostly common used verbs and adjectives. It also includes a carefully selected set of articles, pronouns, prefixes, suffixes, prepositions and conjuctions that really helps to connect my thoughts and seemingly express myself in away I never thought I could - through magnets. They call it the starter's kit because they strongly believe that it's the way to get started on your magnetic poetry, They have over 11 original kits, here are their available kits: Starter Kit 350PHP / Tagalog Kit 300PHP /Wanderlust Kit 350PHP / Foodie Kit 300PHP / LOLCat Kit 300PHP / Game of Thrones Kit 300PHP / FRIENDS Kit 300PHP /The Vow Kit 300PHP / Adjectives Kit / 200PHPNouns Kit / 200PHP / Verbs Kit 200PHP

You can also check their official website by clicking here.








Make sure to check out their official website: Instagram: @MagneticPoetryMNL

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