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"Inspired by the women who wear them"

-Lupe Saenz

(custom made to order ballet flats with monogram)

When I received this lovely package from Lupe Saenz, there was a thoughtful note at the back, here's what it says:

"Lupe Saenz created this pair of shoes for you by the most experienced shoemakers in Marikina City, Philippines. The materials used for this pair were chosen for you with the greatest care. They are among the best that are locally available and sourced from all over the world. Because it is handmade, each pair is entirely unique and specific. These make the pair intesting. We hope that product variations are accepted of the Lupe Saenz experience.

Please enjoy this pair as much as we enjoy handcrafting this for you."

By far, this has been the most sweetest note I've ever received. It truly made me feel special and important, and you know, we all need to feel that once in awhile. Even when it comes to your brand partners because these are relationships that you invest on for long tems and I'm so glad Lupe Saenz is one of them. When I got the invite that they wanted to collaborate with me, my oh my was it a thrill. I mean who wouldn't want shoes and not just plain shoes custom made for your feet. Now who wouldn't feel special with that? My feet is tingling for the excitement.

So when they invited me to go to their office in Marikina, which by the way was absolutely beautful. No hesitations and just drive of course with the courtesy of my boyfriend Miggy who drove me since everyone knows how bad I am with directions. Anyways, when I got there, they gave me the opportunity to choose my own swatches, which was really fun (don't judge, it was my first time) it was great getting to choose what color you want and what texture you want to use. It was like creating your own story with a pair of ballet flats, well now that's something interesting. I'll share you my story now, happy reading folks!


A little something about the brand

Lupe Saenz is a Philippine shoe company offering leather shoes made with premium materials and by the artisans of Marikina City, the Philippines' shoe capital. Our shoes are made through traditional shoe-making methods primarily using genuine leather for uppers (including the soles for selected styles).

Lupe Saenz was created by Stella Quimbo, a professor of economics at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, and launched in March 2012. Stella’s love for shoes and desire to help the Marikina shoe industry recover from the stiff competition it faced from cheap imports got her into the business of shoe making and retailing. She is driven by the belief that the market for premium and handcrafted shoes has vast potential. Its growth could sustain a fast-shrinking breed of leather shoe artisans and spur the growth of the shoe design profession. The phenomenon of cheap imported and synthetic shoes, which started in the 1980s, had pushed leather shoemakers to venture into either synthetic leather shoes or other professions altogether. Today, only a handful of leather shoemakers exist. Renewed interest in local, handcrafted and leather shoes can reverse this trend. Her vision for the local shoe industry is for it to be Asia's shoe hub - the best source of well designed and premium, handcrafted shoes. She believes that shoe design can be the source of competitive advantage for the industry. Design will be the ultimate driver for the industry towards the level of quality and dynamism required to compete in an increasingly complex and global market.