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Travel Series : When In Baler



On our last day in Baler, ohh the days flew by so fast, so we made sure to make the most out of it. My sister made it a point to make our last day memorable and make the most of every minute of it. We started the day with great breakfast courtesy of Bay's Inn with a view that I will never forget. Got ready since we have an itenarary to follow today, all thanks to my sister.


Breakfast check.


Get a tricycle for our adventures the whole day, check.


First stop, my sister took us where she takes a bath everyday. She gets up really early and heads here, she said it's a good wake up call since the water is freezing cold. She loved it how she was truly one with the nature, literally.


Second stop, she took us to where she works. She worked so she wouldn't have spend so much. Given that she was staying there for a month and also that my sister had a thing for challenging herself which I truly admired about her. She always wanted to have a sense of growth and take risky decisions and most of the time the outcome is good, like when she met these friends from Switzerland that timingly needed some help since they just opened up a business there and is not very famliar yet - Uhuru. Uhuru is a a chill bar in Baler where most surfers hang out. In the morning my sister and Daffy (the owner fo the bar) will head to the market to buy fresh ingredients for the bar. In the afternoon they head out to surf (As you can see they have a sign for that) then at night, it's a drinking place that everyone can just hang out. They are open until 2am and they've always been jam pack with people. No wonder in 2 weeks time, my sister had tons of friends.

All the paintings on the wall are handmade with love, which makes it feel like home. I'm truly impressed and proud of what my sister, Isa had accomplished so far. I absolutely salute her for all the risk she took, I can honestly say she's is living the life and better yet living her life at best.


That's my sister in the middle, Daffy on the right and their local friend Shemain (which btw is a very talented singer)on the left. They really made a good team in the bar! It was really nice meeting all of them, they were so friendly and hospitable. They remind me that there is something good in being kind to stangers because you'll never know unless you put your guards down and take that leap of faith. Now, my sister has home with great people in it. Another life lesson there Ats, thanks!


The sign that my sister made.

To those who plan to go to Baler anytime and plan to stop by Uhuru, ther are open Saturday to Sunday open for lunch 11am-3pm and dinner time at 6pm. Then weekdays opens at 6am onwards.


Third stop was back to North Shore to see my sister surf again. Also, it was time to get a tan and bask under the sun. I came ready with my turnatable, polaroid camera, shades, statement necklace from @Summersoulgypsy, crochet cover-up from @VeranoPh and of course my madala from @Purplebeetle which I don't know how I'll ever survive in this trip. This afternoon was just all about surfing and baskin' under the sun with great music.


And of course, my bikini from @Sernanaswimwearph the cutest bikini I've ever own!


Life is truly better at the beach.


The only way to survive in this kind of heat - fruitshakes.