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Travel Series : When in Baler


Life just keeps getting better and better at beach. On our second day in Baler before doing anything, our first agenda was to eat. Yes! We have to feed our hungry bellies first before heading to the great unknown. We transferred resorts, we're now staying in Bay's Inn which I also loved since there's a beach shack right infront called Hungry Surfers. Their shack just screams beach vibe everywhere, I swear.

One of my favorite snaps during the trip. To everyone's who's asking, I got my Mandala from @Purplebeetle and it's already one of my favorite things in the world. Partly because it tells a lot about who I am.

The only way to survive this heart are fruitshakes, trust me on this. The sun was pretty intense that day so all you're gonna be wanting is this. I'm not even sure how much of this I've drank the whole trip, but all I know is it freakin' good.

Brought Bugs with us to play at the beach that day. It was a sunny sunny day and everything just felt perfect. As if I could just lay by the shore all day, so I did.

I didn't go wrong with my choice of bikini that day, I got it from Cinderella and it was Buy 1 Take 1 for 999PHP. Not bad at all! Best summer decision I've made. All summer colors and just blending in the ocean. So pressing the snooze button!

Next stop the surfers favorite spot, It's their heaven on earth. As the signage say "At the beach, every hour is happy hour" Amen to that! My sister took us where she stays majority of her day. In between mornings, afternoon and before dinner time. She surfs all day and never gets tired of it.

The place had a small cafe which has the best burgers and fruitshakes ever! Seriously. And also a cute interior which by the way is instagram worthy. The vibe is so chill there, you'll see strangers just sitting around, playing music and just waiting for the day to float by. And it seems like everyone are just friends.

My sister leaves her surf board there, I guess you can already tell how comfortable she is there.

Spent the whole afternoon watching my sister surf then my mom doing poi. It was such a lovely afternoon, at that very moment, there was no place I would rather be. It's not something that happens everyday and for that I'm forever grateful.

Then ended the night the best way possible, chilling by the coffee shop - Groundswell Cafe. My sister took us to this place where she stayed most nights to hang out. There's wifi, comfy chairs and music playing. Their coffee was prety good too, placed in a mason jar. So hippie. The whole place is hippie which I loved. Killed a lot of time in this place. It was the perfect night ender.

Stay tuned for Day 3 later tonight!

(All photos taken from my IPhone)

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