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Travel Sereies : When In Baler

Vol. 4

To those who don't know my sister, Isa just turned 30 and she decided to celebrate her birthday in Baler. But not just the typical weekend in the beach kind of celebration but surprisingly for a month. Yup! you read it right! A month. It's always been my sister's bucket list to stay in an island for that long and she finally was able to check it off her bucket list. I'm so proud of you Ats (that's what I call her)

My sister is one of the most influential people in my life, to be honest majority of the decisions I've made was because of her. The reason why I'm in the design and art industry is mainly because of her since she introduced it to me at an early stage and since then my love for design and arts have just grown fonder. And now, not just arts but also the love for the sea. She takes me to places I could've never imagined, places that makes me realize how big the world is and that is why I now have a travel series here in my blog. I guess it's safe to say that my sister plays a huge role in my entire life up to this very day and now this blog post is a small gesture of my gratitude as I document her amazing and beautiful life in Baler for a month. Though, I wasn't able to stay there for that long, she was able to sum-up her daily routine in 3-days and my, my, my it was incredible. And take note, It was all our first time in Baler and gosh I'm so grateful for this island we have that we can call our home. I definitely have plans on coming back.

Day 1.jpg

The drive is quite long and when I mean quite long, around 7-8 hours drive. So if any of you plan to take a trip there, buckle up cause it's going to be a long ride. But mind you, Baler is worth the visit. Especially to those surfers and to the people who's hearts belong to the sea.