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Close Up Forever Summer all thanks to Clozette

It was such a privilage to be one of the bloggers who got invited in this summer event - Close Up Forever Summer. And not just that, it just wasn't regular tickets but VIP tickets with somewhat backstage passes which was pretty awesome. I'm so glad I was able to tag my boyfriend along with me which by the way is my official photograher, videographer and boyfriend all in one. I feel so lucky right now *all smiles everywhere*

The gates opened around 4PM, it was extra hot that day, but we just had to beat the heat and start documenting while the sun's out. The event took place in Mall of Asia concert grounds which by the way was pretty huge. There were tons of activities, food stalls and festival things for sale. Geez.. festivals are just so fun. There's just something about it that makes people excited to get all dressed up, giddy up and just expect a good time.


The obligatory shot for the event.


VIP feels, felt so privilaged that day. I guess I'm making such a big deal out of it since it's my first time, sorry OUR first time and we're just very thankful. Though there were some bumpy roads along the way such as the heat getting to us, sweat just dripping endlessly, the guard stopping us since we brought DSLR cameras... but you know what? It was worth every stress.


Meet my boyfriend / photographer / videographer and the person who carries my heavy load

- Miggy. He's currently editing the video of the event. Stay tuned folks.


Couldn't think of any other drink with this 37 degrees heat - Jamba Juice. Ordered my favorite drink, Orange dream machine.


Bumped in to my fellow Clozette bloggers, Alyssa Baña and Faye Balogo which by the way you guys should check out their awesome blogs. Such awesome girls.


I was able to squeeze in an #OOTD regardless of the heat. Thankfully I was able to stop over the day before in Trendsetter Bazaar and got my look from Simone's Fashion Closet.

Gray dress, purple scarf, gray belt, @Simonefashionscloset / bracelet, @Summersoulgypsy / Pineapple bag, @Abbyjocson / White chunky platforms, @Whoopyshop


Need I say more with my obssession with pineapples. Golly this bag makes me just wanna squeeze it so much, I love it so much, too much! I think this is the most cutest thing I've ever purchased in a bazaar. I got it only for 999PHP, not bad right? Make sure to get one from @Abbyjocson while you there's still stock.


See why we feel so important? It's because of all of these wrist bands plus ID. Can't get more VIP than that... Okay, I'll stop now.


Managed to take a selfie while filming.


Close Forever Summer essentials.


While waiting for the main event, I was able to find a perfect spot for me to sit and just lay around and just look at other people walking in best festival outfits while listening to a live band. Miggy was filming around and taking advantage of the sunset.

Good thing the sun started to set and everything started to settle. My mandala from Purplebettle blended perfectly in the event, I mean how could it not? It was very festive. Matching it with orange bag from @Shopteepee which makes everything convenient because of it's space plus stylish too.


Forgive us for our haggardness. In our defense, It was pretty humid. I forced him to take a selfie with me since we hardly have photos together.


Starting the event with my Clozette family and ending it with them as well. Thank you so much Clozette for having us. Till the next event!

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