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When my sister invited us for this trip, we definitely put our A-game as quick as we can. There's just something about roadtrips that makes it really fun for everyone! I'm not sure if it's the road, the music, the stopovers, the company, the conversations, the long naps and lastly, the escape. What the heck! It's pretty much everything I said. That's probably why we long for the road, it's because we find pieces of ourselves along the way. So, never stop travelling.

In this photos, sunlight comes through every shady tree and hits every beautiful hidden spots as if it was endless. Casting a glow on the garden as if it was from a movie that I've seen. This place came from a mess, a sad mess that in time turned into a beautiful mess.


We went to this place called Casa San Miguel which by the way, I've been itching to go ever since my sister showed me a picture of it. Casa San Miguel was established during the year 1993, not so long ago. The lot is massive and surrounded with plants and trees which makes the place beautiful. Can you believe that this is just the space for parking? Amazing, I know.

Casa San Miguel is now a school for gifted artists. They even have a summer camp where they could just stay there. The structure of the school is about 15-hectares ancestral farmland and seaside. Pretty huge, right?

There's an entrance fee of 100PHP to tour the whole place with unlimited Starbucks coffee included which was pretty cool. It's self-service though, but the staff was really friendly and accomodating.