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A creative afternoon by JNBM Paper Clay

I got so excited when I received an email from the CEO of JNBM, Ms. Sue Morales, inviting us bloggers for this event mainly because I'm a fan of anything creative. Finding out that it's paper clay, I instantly got high about it. Paper clay making is fun but it also tests your patience. But I swear the moment you start it, you just find yourself finding a hard time to stop just like me and my boyfriend Miggy during the program. They have an upcoming contest which I think everyone should join, to more about it head over to their Facebook page. The prizes on state is pretty BIG!

The venue was in an airbase in Villmore which was pretty cool. It was my first time there. They gave out a bag with tons of paper clay which I liked. More to do when I get back home, but of course I gave my mom too since she likes these kind of stuff too.

Definitely a creative afternoon well-spent! Thank you so much JNBM for having us!

To know more about them, make sure to check their official Facebook page by clicking here.

You could check out their official website here.


This is the theme of the contest.



These are artworks from Tacloban artist. I know, WOW.


This one was made by a student in UP for less that a week. Pretty cool.


... And this is my work, don't judge me. haha! It was just my second time to do one. I gave it my best shot. And oh yeah! they come with bunch of colors!


Photographed by : Miguel Azada


To those who want to join, here are their mechanics and also where you can find them. Official website is Good luck guys!

#Paperclay #artsy #creative #jnbm

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