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Shoes, shoes, shoes!

One of my favorite words in the english dictionary and I'm sure most girls too. Getting this opportunity to customize my own pair of ballet flats and having it named after me is such a huge opportunity and all thanks to @Lupesaenzshoes and of course Isa Cruz who made this all possible.

But before anything, while I was in looking around in their office in Marikina, which by the way is so beautiful, these summer T'nalak flats just caught my eyes! They are definitely the perfect flats for this summer and comfy too!

Going back, Lupesaenz shoes offered me a collaboration that I can't say no to, just when I read the email and saw the word shoes, it was absolutely, no doubt a "YES!" I guess by now you could already tell that I'm obsessed with shoes, which you're right! Haha, but kidding aside, this opportunity is so huge and that I'm very thankful for. I was able to choose the swatches I really wanted, and hopefully it comes out the way I pictured it *keeping my fingers crossed*

It's supposed to arrive this week, I can't wait!

IMG_3964 copy.jpg