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Summer Checklist : Summer Dress? Check!

In relation to my recent post, I'm so glad the mail came at the right time for me before heading out that day. My outfit matched and fitted perfectly in all the right places. Received this lovely dress from @ParadiseTreats, absolutely is a treat! And it's already my favorite. Perfect for the beach and the city. I mean what more could I ask for?

If you noticed in my previous #OOTD posts or I would like to call "Today's pick", I normally wear dangling and loose clothes. Mainly because it's one of my prefered style and also, I'm best comfortable at most of the time. Especially now that it's summer, you wouldn't want that icky feeling of wearing tight clothes under your skin that it comes to a point where the sweat and heat starts to mix and your skin could just hardly breathe. Just taking about it, already makes me cringe. Word of advice : give your flesh some air ladies! Wear clothes that are loose, flowy and has holes so the air can pass through. For example, off-shoulder tops or dresses, backless, one-sided, crop tops or even those long maxi skirts. Try avoiding those pencil skirts and tight tops. Be at your best this summer and by being at your best also means being comfortable.

@Paradisetreats has tons of clothes that is perfect for this summer, kind on the budget too! Make sure to check themm out. Can't wait to wear the other two more items you sent me. Thank you so much!

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Watch from @Maxxlph I think I'm in love.



Photographed by Miguel Azada

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