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A Must-try

April 26, 2015

Take a bite

Ever since my dad got his scooter, he's really been all out and about especially when it comes to burgers. He's been scouting a lot of must try restaurants and last weekend, he took us to this burger place in Rockwell - 8 cuts. I must admit it really tastes delicious! I'm not a burger person, but this was definitley worth a try!


If you plan to try this place out, make sure to go on a weekday 'cause expect it to be full on weekends.


Perks of having a dad who's young in heart and outgoing a.k.a lakwatsero












  Guess who got her new S6 after 2 weeks of having a leonovo worth 2,000Php phone ever since her S3 gave up on her. Good jobs ats!



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