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Clozette Event K-POP Style

It definitely made my day when I received an email from Clozette inviting me to be one of their ambassadors, only because they are one of the biggest fashion social network here in the Philippines and also know in Asia. My happy feet started to tingle up my spine. and I just couldn't contain my happiness.

The theme of the event as K-POP and my gosh, I wasn't really sure if I could pull this off. But I sure gave it my best shot, I mean dressing up is always fun, right? So please don't laugh at me with what I was able to pull-out out of my closet. I truly gave it my best shot, and I also asked my roommates if I was matching it K-POP style since they're certified fanatics. Thank God for roommates!

The event was really fun and amusing with all the activites and goodies in stored for us. I must say it was one active event full of games, food and girly stuff. Even got my nails done with nail art (scroll down to see) I'm so grateful to be part of this community, I've met so many bloggers and creative people. Like I was saying during the event "I've never been with so many girls with cameras my whole life" which was really interesting and something I should really start getting used to. It's always a delight for me when I meet new people and eventually call them friends.