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If first you don't succeed, try and try again

Our challenge in Urban Ashram Manila gets more and more challenging each time, which I think is a good sign of growth and pushing me and my fellow troopers to what our limit can take and also, of course the experience.

Last week's challenge was Wall-climbing in Centro Atletico, San Juan. I must admit, for me it was the hardest from all the other challenges we've done so far. But I knew to myself that there is no quitting for me now, not now, not ever. It was my 2nd time around trying this difficult sport. The first was last year and I barely made it to the top. Do you know that feeling where no matter how hard you try to hold on to that rock? Your hands just loses its grip cause you're too exhausted and tired. Well that's what happened to me, and it wasn't really a good experience to have, the feeling was irritating and disappointing and the worst part about it is that, it lingers until you go home. Cause it's like your mind still wants to go and reach for the top but you whole body isn't cooperating anymore. Then you go home thinking what if, what if I pushed myself a little harder, would've I made it to the top? and you all know, over-thinking kills.

So when I found out that the challenge was Wall-climbing, I had a sudden panic, it was like I was having a peanut allergy, my throat started to build-up walls making me suffocate and unable breathe, okay I'm overacting *giggles* but it did scare me in some ways cause all the feelings I felt before came running back, rushing back actually. But I told myself maybe this is God's way of giving me a second chance to finally be able to make it to the top. Cause I also want to feel the feeling when you finally reach the top.

So finally the day had arrived to do the activity, I'm all nervous inside but thankfully Under Armour sponsored our attire again, and believe me, it added more confidence. So first, we were briefed about what we were about to do, then instructed us with all the right words to say and in case of emergency, we shouldn't panic. Then, we had our stretching, always stretch first! Imagine if you start to cramp up while your up there, terrifying! Finally It was my turn. First few rock steps was perfectly fine, till it came to the middle area where you know you're already high up and there's no more backing out now. I look slowly down (which something I shouldn't have done, so don't do it too) and I started to panic again, but I took a deep breathe and calmed down for a second, good thing everyone who was down there were very supportive so guess what? I was able to make it on top. If I could just do my happy dance up there, I would, but it was too scary, shaking but happy. And not only did i make it to the top once, but 3 times. Although there was like 8 levels more, I was already contented with the 3 levels I've accomplished. Though there was one difficult level that I cried when I made it to the top. I cried because I knew to myself that, that was the hardest that I pushed myself, cause I was already shaking both hands and feet. Then when I was able to make it to the top the feeling just ate me up, it felt so good and overwhelming with happiness. Stressed but uber happy. Blissfulness down my spine forgetting all those terrifying feelings. Now, I'm so proud to say that I finally made it to the top, and trust me there's no more ecstatic feeling than that.

So thank you Urban Ashram Manila for the wonderful experience that will be something that I will always be proud of.


Finally reaching the top.


BTS of how Adi Amor was taking photos


That's Cher Luipio doing one of the difficult levels.


Centro Atletico

For more information head over to their official facebook by clicking here


The Multi Sporter: Centro Atletico, North Road cor West Road, Cubao, Quezon City

Operating hours:

Mon - Fri:

2:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Sat - Sun:

12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Contact Number:


+63 2 932 7273

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