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Coachella feels

So here's my second post for my collaboration with @Summersoulgypsy and I must say, I'm really enjoying this you know, being a fashion enthusiast. Whenever I'm being asked to collaborate with online stores like @Summersoulgypsy, My golly! my happy soul just jumps for joy all over the place. Mainly because it's my kind of style, also since all the layers just start dangling up naturally on its own. Let's just say, It's those days when I find it easy to choose from my closet.

Since the Wanderland Festival is just around the corner, here's one fashion style that you can pull off. Make sure to maximize those off-shoulder tops. They just don't work in the beach honey, festivals too! Yup! For this look, I got inspired by the event we all know - Coachella.

"One day... someday..." we all know how this sentence is going to end.

Keep in the mind as well, that having the perfect boho style must also match the perfect set of accessories. Boho style is all about layers, layer, layers. Not just with clothes but with accessories too, and @Summersoulgypsy has it all for you. From the feathers to the laces. So make sure to drop by their booth during the event to find the right accessories for your style.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.24.03 AM.png


Set of Necklace from @Summersoulgypsy