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A Gypsy girl with a Gypsy heart


So today's look consists of twirling around and throwing my dress all over the place. Which was really fun! The weather was perfect, partly cloudy and windy just the way I like it! Also, the outcome of the photos were just all amazing now that I'm using my IPhone 6+ for my blog photos. Trying to make my life simpler.

Today's pick is for my collaboration with @Summersoulgypsy. Every piece has a significant story to tell. A simple accessory is sometimes all we need. For example, you know that feeling when there is just something missing? Well here's the answer. A piece of accessory. Either a bracelet, a necklace or a few rings. Trust me on this. Plus, if you guys are going to Wanderland Festival, you guys will be seeing them there so make sure to drop by their booth.

And I'm so glad to share to you all that this is my second time working with @Summersoulgypsy, so with that said, they are officially my partners and their logo + link to their site will be located it the lower segment of my website.

Photo 4-15-15, 2 07 43 PM(1).jpg

Photo 4-15-15, 2 07 45 PM (1)(1).jpg
Photo 4-15-15, 2 08 52 PM (1)(1)_edited.jpg
Photo 4-15-15, 2 07 45 PM.jpg

The failed attempt, but it was sure fun just twirling around and around. Though I did get a little dizzy.


Bracelet from @Summersoulgypsy

Photo 4-15-15, 2 12 13 PM (1).jpg

Photo 4-15-15, 2 12 00 PM.jpg

Photo 4-15-15, 2 12 41 PM.jpg

Photo 4-15-15, 2 11 02 PM_edited.jpg

Necklace from @Summersoulgypsy

Photo 4-15-15, 2 14 54 PM.jpg

Photo 4-15-15, 2 14 57 PM.jpg

Photo 4-15-15, 2 11 26 PM.jpg

Blank space song insert here: " ...and I'll write you name"






If you guys also noticed, I changed my cover photo layout with a calligraphy text. I guess I was getting bored with my old one so I decided to give it a new look. More fun and hippie. Change is definitely good.

Photographed by: Miguel Azada

Location: BGC Park

Summersoulgypsy official website:




#summersoulgypsy #boho #bohemian #gypsy

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