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Records, records and records

It was a Saturday absolutely well-spent with my love and family. We all know that Bonifacio Global City is the place to be when it comes to weekends, but that weekend was not the ordinary type of weekend. For some reason, BGC was active all over the place, there was an event, market place and film viewing. I'm really hoping for more weekends like this cause this is how it should be spent.

The Vinyl Day event by Satchmi was definitely the highlight of my weekend, I was able to purchase two vinyl's for 20% OFF; Jack Johnson and Taylor Swift. Jackpot! And don't even get me started with the band playing plus the stuff they were selling. They had everything from Pop to Indie and even soul. What more could you ask for? It was quite hot that afternoon and the perfect drink was Jamba, Orange dream machine to go please! While strolling around Highstreet, there was also a market going on, not just an ordinary market but an artsy market with artsy people. Okay, my kind of market. I was able to buy crafty one-of-a-kind things and met some local artist which was definitely a treat.Plus great food stalls too, could it get any better than this? Well... yup! There was also a film viewing towards the end of highstreet. Awesomeness! Things were just falling to it's rightful places. The weather started to settle down and it was looking perfect. The wind started to breeze though my hair and the people was just truly amazing, dogs too! More weekends like this please!