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Sugar, yes please!

It was great discovering this new cafe in Taft, simply because places like these need more cafes like that. Agree? Though there are similar cafes like this already here in Taft, such as Bim Bim Bap and Noriter mainly because all the owners are Koreans. Which maybe is common in Korea. I love how quirky and cute everything is, from the cakes, drinks, up to the walls. All very well crafted and designed.

When I got to this cafe, it was really full, and when I say full, JAMPACKED full. It was crazy, it came to a point I was losing hoping in finding a table, but thankfully there was. The place is spacious and big, big for a cafe like that. They have mini staircase going up which I found cute. The place is perfect for studying, chilling and simply great for killing time.

Location :

Archer's Nook Center, 2624 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

#cafetravel #korean #cafe #koreanstyle

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