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Weekend vibes

So I wasn't really able to plan out this outfit, I guess it's safe to say that it just really fell right in to perfect place and can I just say I love days like that, where you don't struggle on what you have to wear each morning (all girls knows what I'm talking about, I hear you) and I'm so happy it happened to me during the weekend, it was definitely a cherry on top!

This is also my first blog post with my hair shorter than ever, what do you guys think? I went from short to shorter but square-ish shaped kinda look. I chose this style since I don't see a lot of people have this cut, bulb? yes. But the square-ish? Not so much. Maybe because it's kinda daring and kind of a make-it-or-break-it situation and as for me I think I made it, thankfully. I truly love my hair now, I think from all my hair styles, this just might be my favorite one. But a little tip if you're coming from having long hair, don't chop it in one sitting, if I were you, do it gradually, so you can adjust slowly and have a feel on how it's going to look. So you won't have that regret.

As for my ensemble, the black on black just worked its own way. But as usual I couldn't just do just all black, I needed to put a little pop of color which I used for that is one of my favorite sling bags from @Shopteepee. I guess you could tell by my look my personality. I can't go on all black on casual outfits like this, it's just not me. I'll always need that pop of color. So never be afraid to play with colors even if you're in the monochromatic palette.

Also, it was my first time to take my baby boots out to play. I guess it really summed up the whole look that I was trying to go for. I super love them, it was a little treat I got for myself. It's okay to spoil yourself a little, especially when it's on sale.





Necklace from @themoonxstars



Watch from @Maxxlph


Brown Boots from S&H




Photographed by Miggy Azada

Black Dress, Cotton On | Black Kimono, @8saints | Sling Bag, @Shopteepee | Watch. Maxxlph | Necklace, @themoonxstars | Brown Boots, SnH | Bag, Forever 21

#ootdphilippines #boots #fashionootd #ootd #maxxl

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