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Manila Sundace Bazaar you make me want to dance!

So for this blog post, I decided to share 5 reasons why you should go to bazaars. Mainly because Manila Sundance bazaar was absolutely amazing! It was that great that I got inspired to do this and share it to you, my readers.

Hopefully you could pick up a tip or two on this blog post!

  1. You see unique items that you never see in the mall. Literally, every bazaar always has something new to offer. Either something pretty, quirky or something amusing to your eyes. If you're looking for one-of-a-kind presents, bazaars are always the perfect idea to look for one.


2. If you do see it in the mall, it will be way more expensive. In bazaars it's more cheaper and affordable simply because they're only there for a certain period of time (mostly 3 days maximum) So when you bid for a lower price to the people selling it, they're very flexible with it plus friendly too! BONUS!


3. On the last day of the bazaar, most of their prices drops down!

Yup! You heard me right! That's one of the things I noticed in bazaars. When it's the last day of the event, they become extra friendly with the prices. Maybe some are trying to sell everything or finish the last batch, but I don't know all I know is it really becomes a huge sale in the end which is great for us buyers! More stuff YAY!


4. When there is a certain item you can't buy at that moment, you could always buy it online. Just ask for their calling card and they normally offer it in their Instagram or Facebook page. But some sell it a bit higher than the regular price or there is an additional shipping fee. But hey atleast you still get the item you wanted. Another tip is, you could ask them when is their next upcoming bazaar, then you could wait for it.


5. Lastly, bazaars are just always FUN and goes beyond your expectations. From the decorations, to the stalls, to the food choices up to the music; It just is always a good time. Either if you're with your girlfriends, mom, sisters or even boyfriend. It simply is a good time for everyone since it caters to all ages.


Mac Blush-on from @empress_shop | Mermaid curler from @Katsdgshop



Socks from @passionandgraceshop


Two white and black top and bottom from @stylestunnermanila






Two statement top from @manicvintageph






Sweather from the Overuns


Polka dot off-shoulder from @theurbanhour


Jumper from @butternutfashionboutique

#manilasundacebazaar #manilasundace #bazaar #shopping #fashion

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