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It was my first time to try Vinyasa, and all I can say was INTENSE, but I love it. I was so glad I was able to share it with people who was up for it as well. If I were to ask why I'm doing this? It's because it challenges me in so many ways. Whenever I see people have those straight balanced legs, curved backs or doing the crow position. Well, at first I was really intimidated but I didn't let that get to me. It's all about how you look at things in a different perspective.

In my situation, I looked at it in a positive way. I let it push me to work harder and strive even more. Flexing all those muscles I have in my legs and arms until there is no more to flex. But you know what really is the best part of each and every class? It's the ending part, the calming down and just laying there by the mat intertwining all your thoughts and just let it go and find you inner peace then, slowly you will feel that fullfillment and contentment that comes rarely.

It was also nice seeing the staff do yoga as well, even the receptionist. The class was absolutely amazing and relaxing. Somehow, it's kinda a lil' escape here in the city and we all need that little escape.

To find the schedule of the classes and where check out their official website:

This is one Urban Ashram Manila (Makati Branch)

6780 Building 2nd floor, Ayala Ave.


#urbanashrammanila #yoga #namaste

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