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It's friday friday! The BMS Redflux was so much fun filled with music, lights and pumped up people just ready to dance and have a good time. Drinks were out and up for free, very welcoming to everyone who enters. The place was bigger than I expected, enough to jump and dance around and they were giving out free neon riskbands and neon lights that made it so supernatural to everyone.

All you have to do is just like TRIPDA'S Facebook page and you get tons of freebies, which speaking of is my next blog post, so stay tuned folks!Then there's also a face painting activity outside and a footwear by People which was so nice, I fell in love with all the colors, it's very eye-catching.

Over-all the party was pretty awesome, the next one is definitely a wait for! See you guys!

Feeling like a VIP with my stamp.

Too bad we weren't able to do the Close Up Photobooth. It closed when we arrived *sigh*

I have an awesome photo bomber!

Definitely have plan trying this TRIPDA.

Photo credits to my fellow photographers

Martin Acol & Miggy Azada

Thank you for having me as you partner blogger.

Official Facebook page of BMS Redflux click here.

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