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Pretty things and Art Galleries

Going to an Art Museum is always a good idea. It never fails to put a smile on my face on an ordinary day especially this one that's literally 5 minutes away from my dorm - The Museum of Cotemporary Art and Design. It just gave me instant bliss down my spine, but I'll be talking about the Museum in my next post for it to have it's own spot light.

I'm so happy to be wearing this colorful handmade scarf from Simone's Fashion Closet. It definitely gave my whole ensemble a life. As you can tell, without it, it would've looked dull and plain but just slipping it on, it instantly brighten up the whole look. I myself is head-over-heels with scarfs. They just really make the ordinary extraordinary you know what I mean. It's like why drink hot choco the way it is when you can put marshmallows on top *giggles* well something like that.

As for my classic MaxXL Philippines Artisanwatch, I can't even begin how smart and chic it looks. I must say for the past few months up to this very point my taste has become different, more refined and sophisticated. Well I guess it's also a sign of growth and a step closer to who I'm supposed to be, right? This silver classic watch goes with everything I wear simply because it's a basic color. Remember, even if all the prints out there becomes trending, you will still go back to basic. Trust me on this so always keep one.


Photographed by Miguel Azada

Simone's Fashion Closet

Instagram : @Simonefashioncloset

Official Facebook page click here

MAX XL Philippines

Instagram : @maxxlph

Official Facebook page click here

Available at:

Exclusive inWashington - Rockwell, Shangrila, Glorietta and Greenbelt! Online on

Dress, Forever 21 / Boho Vest, Thrifted / Birks-inspired sandals, Sewn Co / Scarf, Simone's Fashion Closet / Watch, Max XL Watches

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