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Urban Ashram Manila launching hangover

Gosh..I can't believe the launching of Project-Y Campaign is already over. As you can tell, I'm still having a hangover from it. You know those days when you've been waiting for it all week and now that it has passed, you'll be like "well, that went so quick." I mean how could you move on with all the sponsored giveaways? I know at the end of the day there will still be one winner and just one ambassador, but just by experiencing all these, win or lose, I already feel like a winner.

When I got to Urban Ashram Manila (Makati Branch) a little pass 12:30pm which was our call time, I was so surprised when they handed out our outfit for the event. We were wearing Under Armour from head-to-toe. Once I wore it, I instantly felt energetic and all pumped up. It filled me with joy that the color palette of my outfit fitted perfectly with my personality, all of us actually. I could tell that it was very well thought of. As soon as we were all ready, we started to do our sponsor photo shoot which was really fun since it was my first time. All the sponsors were absolutely breathtaking. The fact that the photographer was my boyfriend, Miggy, made it more exciting and fun. Nothing feels better than working together!

As soon as the shoot was done, the yoga session started. It was an honor meeting Maricar Holopainen, the Director for Finance and Marketing of Urban Ashram Manila. She looked amazing being at her 40's, and the fact that she already gave birth, not just once, but twice. It was jaw dropping once you see her. It truly inspired me in so many ways, and one of that is me continuing yoga during and after this campaign. The yoga class was fun and challenging at the same time, but I loved it. I felt like I was challenging myself for the better, testing my limits and where I could take it. Though, I won't lie, there were so many times where my arms and legs were shaking like crazy. I just knew to myself that it was too early for me to back out so I pushed myself to what my limits can take, and the outcome was overwhelming. The feeling after the session is something I won't exchange for any feeling in the world; the feeling of contentment.

Right after we had a few minutes to freshen up, I was so thirsty! Good thing there was Vita Coco prepared for us. Fresh coconut water! It definitely satisfied my thirst. After that we had our next challenge coming up - introducing ourselves in front (my knees started to shake) . I'm not really good when talking in front, and a lot of eyes just staring at me so I must say, it was really quite a challenge, but I'm so glad that I was able to make it out alive, kidding! Anywho, kidding aside, I was honestly happy with what I've achieved so far in this whole campaign. Just by being able to be part of this and experience it is a huge achievement for me. Plus all the people I met so far are truly amazing. My fellow representatives, Cher Luipio, Ianna Garcia, Micah Lima, Gia Jamias and Ken Laput that have now become my friends, and the people that we've been working with, Lyka Gonzales and Chris Benedicto - super talented and passionate people. Lastly, the people behind and in charge of this whole event, Adi Amor, Matthew Azada and Nina Unlay. I've never met such hard working people.

All I'm saying is thank you all so much for this overwhelming opportunity. Definitely an experience I will never ever forget, and something I will carry on my whole life, win or lose, because all these has brought me to the limits that I never thought I could do and live for. With that said, no competition could ever win that in my heart.











Under Armour from head-to-toe for the Urban Ashram Manila Launching.




Got 2000Php worth of GrabCar from GrabTaxi for our next challenge, stay tuned.





Got a helpful notepad, tote bag and 400php worth of Wink Studio gift voucher.



A 1-Free Regular Blow Dry gift certificate from Big Day Slim Team




Tons of freebies from Celesty Shinagawa.


Refreshing pure coconut water from Vita Coco


Free yummy and bite size cupcakes from Chef Francesca's Cupcakes couture


Event by Urban Ashram Manila

Sponsord by Under Armour , GrabTaxi , Vita Coco , Chef Francheska Cupcakes,

Wink Laser Studio, Celesty Shinagawa and Big Day Slim Team.

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Urban Ashram Manila branches:


2/F 6780 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 818 6780 / 818 YOGA (9642) 0917866YOGA


Suite 302, 3 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

(02) 661 YOGA / 0917 881 YOGA