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Weekend x Valentines


I know this might be a late post already since this weekend and Valentines has been long gone. But I've been busy with school and midterms and I have a lot of things to catch up with my blog. But perfect timing since I've been missing these folks so much. Esther is away at the moment, she's been in Subic for quite some time now. "Es please come home, we miss you."

While my other buddy, Martin just recently graduated, we're all so proud of you. "Good luck in the real life out there, I know you'll go far, but I hope not so far that we might not see you anymore". While everyone going through a fast phase in their lives. Then there's Miggy & I who's been tired the past few days since we're working on a new project, so stay tuned guys! These two just paired up big time!

Anyways, looking through all these photos, just makes me want to go on a trip again. Summer come faster please!

















(Most of the photos taken by Martin Acol)

To sum up this whole trip, It was amazing! Spending Valentines with these folks was one of the best decisions Miggy & Imade. I mean why spend it just us two when we can spend it with the closest people in our lives. Besides, the more, the merrier right?

We visted the Puzzle Mansion, which was a bit far from the main road of Tagaytay, that made it to an adventure. As we arrived, the lot was really massive and going inside was very steep, so steep it felt like going down a ride in rollercoaster ride, no kidding. Make sure to have someone assist the handbreak, just for your safety.

The place was beautiful, full of puzzles (duh!) and plants all over. It also had a Bed & Breakfast to those who plan to go to Tagaytay, here's an idea for you if ever you plan to visit Tagaytay.

More or less, it will take you around 45 mins. to see the whole place, there are two floors and two of the biggest puzzle in the world are found here. So make sure to check it out. It's part of the Guinness World of Record.

Official Facebook page of Puzzle Mansion click here

As we got back to our hotel, which is Days Hotel we snuck in the bed sheet and had a good nap, like childeren. While eveyone's fast asleep, I just had to admire the beautiful deck we had. It had a front view of the Taal Volcano, it was breathtaking and so surreal. It's these things we love why we go on an escape for a little while. I just hope it lingers to me longer. Once everyone woke up (except Esther) Sleepyhead! I ordered two boxes of pizza, yup, a great way to spend Valentines. After more pigging out and more napping, it was already night time. UGH! How time was flying! We all headed out and grabbed something to eat. Everyone's choice - BULALO. Of course! It's one of the reason why people visit Tagaytay. It was so good, since the weather was so cold. Good thing I was all covered with my warm sweater and scarf. Plus I bought this russian looking hat with furr on it. It was just 200PHP, I just had to.

Gosh! Just talking about it is making me miss it all so much! Needing an adventure soon, really soon!


We made a pretty good decision in choosing Days Hotel. Got to check-in earlier than expected and their check-out is pretty late than the usual (2pm) other hotels are 12noon, if I'm not mistaken. Plus the staff were really friendly and accomodating. The parking is really convenience. Make sure to book your hotel in Agoda, you can get it way cheaper rather then walking-in.

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