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Dessert never tasted this good

I finally found you La Crêperie. After seeing someone instagram about this restaurant, I just had the instant urge to go to it right away. Especially when it comes to new restaurant discoveries. Good thing it was just walking distance from Back Alley so we had the chance to visit it in one lovely afternoon. It took a bit of a long walk to get to this destination since we got lost and all. But good thing the sun was out and the air was blowing through our hair. It was such a beautiful day and getting lost was a great idea.

Once we found the place, it felt like a little secret hideway in the heart of Makati (It was that hidden) but trust me it's worth looking for. I love how everything falls perfectly to its place, the wooden floor, the high ceilings and how the afternoon light shines through the huge glass windows. Gosh... is it me or did I just used the word "love" too many times in this paragraph alone? Well that's how absolutely amazing this place is.

La Crêperie is a French-inspired modern cafe specializing in desserts and crepes. They serve pretty good breakfast food too! As far as I know this is already their 6th branch, business if definitely doing well! They have a branch in Robinsons Galleria, Shangri-La Plaza, Little Baguio and Loyola Heights. This restaurant is definitely a good choice for meetings, catch-up lunches, breakfast dates or even a chill place to stay during the evening.