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Not your ordinary barber shop

My boyfriend Miggy is very picky when it comes to having his haircut. Growing up, he had tried many various hair salons and barber shops that had... well, I don't mean to be blunt, but fail. There, I said it, but who hasn't? We all have that salons that we swore we would never go back to, right? So for today's pick, old school barbers wins the day and Back Alley made it's way to our spotlight.

As far as I know, Back Alley is about to celebrate their 1st Anniversary, and I'm not really shocked that they are doing well even if the place is a bit hidden but nonetheless, their name suits it. There is something about this place that once you walk-in the door, it completely blows you off your feet (no exaggeration) It was a warm, cozy and hipster lookin' atmosphere. Talk about the interior, the wood flooring, the subway tiles, the white brick walls and lastly, the coffee area at the corner, my favorite spot.

Customers are treated very highly and will over achieve your expectations. At most a normal haircut in a salon or a barber shop for men will take atleast 30-40mins. But Back Alley is different, it will take around an hour. Yes, you heard me right! Since they have the old school package (the massage, the hot compress, the detailed hair-do and the very sleek and classy styling) The barber even shook Miggy's hand after the haircut. Well, that's not something you see everyday. What can I say? It pays to have class.

While waiting, the manager of the place was very accomodating. They even serve coffee for free. At the lounge area where I mostly stayed, there is a good selection of books and magazines that got me intrigued. With that said, there was also a good ol' song playing with their modern turntable, they even have s stack of vinyl records (Bonus! this place is amazing, I never want to leave!)




















Every corner of this place definitely has a touch of class which makes this place a gentelman's heaven on earth. You'll come out of the place more manly than ever and dignified.


Back Alley Barbershop is located at Unit 1D, Alpha Salcedo Condominium, Bautista St. corner Sanchez St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.

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Official facebook page click here


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