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February I'm loving you


One of the highlights of my 20th birthday is my Esther's birthday surprise gift. Literally she called me about it a few hours before. Now, that's a SURPRISE but nonetheless I loved it even more. Esther and I have been bestfriends for 17 years and counting (not to sound lesbo or anything haha!) She knows I love her to the moon and back, and back again hitting every planet that exist in the universe. Extra cheesy pizza please! But honestly, I really do. I would gladly take a bullet for this woman.

So how did it happen? She texted me or more like flooded me with text messages at 3 am in the morning (January 31, Saturday) until I woke up with the continious text message tones and telling me that whatever happens free my whole sunday which was technically that day already and as I was about to ask why, she was already outside my house. Well that was quick! I got in her car and there she handed me out the two orchestra center tickets for "The Beauty and the beast" and my heart just dropped down right straight to my ass. I was effervescent and all my mouth could speak was "WOW! is this for real??" and the sweetest part about it was, ofcourse, when she handed it out and I saw that it was two tickets, I already assumed that it wil be the two of us but no, there was another surprise when I got home she texted me the most sweetest message that I swore to myself I would never forget.

She texted:

"I want you to take Miggy, I know how much you guys love theater plays like this and I know you'll enjoy it more so enjoy!"

I swear at the moment, tears of joy just started pouring out. I just don't got the best-est friend in the world but sweetest as well. Thank you so much Es.


(Photos below grabbed from the internet)


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