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February I'm loving you


I made it a point that coffee will be part of my birthday celebration - of course! My boyfriend Miggy, brought me to this coffee shop/ furniture shop found in the new East wing of Shangri-la. As you can tell, I'm very fond of exploring new coffee shops around the city or even if it's an hour drive away. That's how much I love coffee.

Shelter is a high-end furniture shop that has quirky and interesting things. Such as stuffed toys singing, artsy throw pillows and creative notebooks. Also, they sell fashion magazines that you don’t usually see in bookstores. Although, the prices may be quite expensive but each and every item has it’s own uniqueness.

GIGI was definitely a treat! It was very refreshing and cold through my throat that made me sip for more. The price was reasonable and the barista who was making it was very accommodating. He’s a one-man team, but was still able to have a smile on his face while serving.

Definitely a great choice for my birthday!


These little creatures sing, they sing in Itallian - TO COOL FOR SCHOOL! It was so adorable.