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February I'm loving you


It was my first time to try this kind of makeover. I got this coupon a few months back and saved it for a special occasion and picking my birthday dinner was the perfect time to use it. I got this present from Miggy's mom and I would love to share to you all the amazing experience and how the outcome went. I must say Max factor is such an amazing brand and most of their products are mineral so It won't harm your skin and it really last long, longer than expected actually.

Max Factor has been at the forefront of cosmetic innovations for over 100 years. Founded by Mr. Max Factor, the pioneer, inventor and make-up artist, who is frequently described as the father of modern day make-up cosmetics, the brand has invented many of the products that we couldn’t be without: lip-gloss, the very first high-tech mascara brush, eye-shadow and first full-face foundation being just four. Today, Max Factor continues to fuse make-up artistry via a network of inspiring artists, led by visionary Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath, with sophisticated scientific expertise to create innovative new colour cosmetic tools and technique to enable women to unleash their own personal take on glamour. Max Factor first launched in the US and is now sold in over 75 countries worldwide. Bobby Carlos, Max Factor's Philippines National Make Up Artist, is one of the country’s most artistic and creative artists. Inspired by Pat McGrath’s Max Factor beauty trends and insight, Bobby Carlos, demonstrates how to recreate the looks and puts Max Factors Make up Artistry in the Philippines consumer's hands.

(Reference : Maxfactor's official facebook page)


Thank you so much Tita Florence for giving me this free makeover coupon by Max Factor


Got my eyebrow on point! Doesn't happen all the time you know.


MAX FACTOR Eye shadow wild shadow pot 445PHP 1 piece duo eye shadow supernova pearl 545PHP


MAX FACTOR Mascara excess volume exteme impact lifting and volumizing 825PHP


MAX FACTOR Face finite all day flawless 3 in 1 concealer primer and foundation 924PHP


MAX FACTOR Lipstick 525 cotour blush color elixir giant penstock 525PHP


MAX FACTOR Gloss color elixir lip gloss lovelycansy and the 575PHP


...And here's the outcome! What you guys think about it? It's my first time to try Smokey eyes and so far I'm loving it.


All thanks to Ms. Cathy Garcia who did all this. Make sure to book her if you plan to get one. She's fantastic! By the way, you can find her in Rustan Shangrila branch.

Photographed by Miggy Azada

MAX FACTOR Official facebook page click here.

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