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February I'm loving you


Spending my 12'clock "salubong" tradition in my sister's new condo in Makati was definitely a great idea. It felt great taking our family tradition quite different this year. Turning 20 really excited me, only because I'm officialy no longer a"teen" and for some weird reason I love it, not that I'm in a hurry or anything but I feel that this year is gonna be different, good-kind of different.

I think turning twenty is a good sign that you should be taking life seriously now (not that I'm not, haha!) but more of you're taking that big step forward, that closer step to who you 're going to be, who you want to be. Funny how in some aspects it freaks me out a little bit, but once it passes, it's there, you're a year older and a year wiser, and there's nothing to do but embrace it. My road of becoming 20 was definitely a rollercoaster ride full of variaty songs on a mix tape. But most of all I find serene and blissful in everything I do, not because I have to, but because I want to.

Cheers to another decade, another road sign pointing towards undiscovered adventures and friends you've kept another year closer. This year there's nothing I would do but stick my hands out in the great unknown and welcome the waves of beautiful uncertainty. Because I think that's what life i all about.



Thank you mom for this.


Thank you Miggy for giving the best gift of all, not just this beautiful turntable that I've been wishing for but the gift of unconditional love and for being the best partner in this crazy world we live in (It's the one day of the year I can get to be cheesy)


#birthday #twenty

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