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"You'll never know how many friends you have 'till you head to the beach"

A little advice from the ocean : "Be shore of yourself, Comeout of your shell, Expand your horizon, Don't get tide down, Let worries drift away and think big, Live deep!" #PinterestFeels To sum up this whole trip, it was unbelievable, and it was the long weekend that I don't mind doing all over again. I was carefree and felt away from the busy city which is just what I need at that moment. I needed a breathe of fresh air, and that's exactly what I got. The smell of the salty air, the sound of the waves, and the sun burn that left a mark on my skin. These made it all so meaningful.

So here, I want to share to you all my wonderful experience, and maybe you guys could pick up an idea when you plan your next adventure.



The view from my sister's deck