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"You'll never know how many friends you have 'till you head to the beach"

A little advice from the ocean : "Be shore of yourself, Comeout of your shell, Expand your horizon, Don't get tide down, Let worries drift away and think big, Live deep!" #PinterestFeels To sum up this whole trip, it was unbelievable, and it was the long weekend that I don't mind doing all over again. I was carefree and felt away from the busy city which is just what I need at that moment. I needed a breathe of fresh air, and that's exactly what I got. The smell of the salty air, the sound of the waves, and the sun burn that left a mark on my skin. These made it all so meaningful.

So here, I want to share to you all my wonderful experience, and maybe you guys could pick up an idea when you plan your next adventure.



The view from my sister's deck


...And of course Bugs, the guard dog.


Our little home by the beach for the first three nights.


Beach essentials.


Met new friends along the way, and guess what, it was one of the best part of the trip. Meet Aaron & Jackie.


Board Culture is THE hangout place day or night, especially at night, because of the chill lights. They have cards, sungka, a pool table and other house game which makes it really fun. There's something about the place that gives off a chill vibe, or maybe because the owner is as chill as well- James. He's one of the owners of the place. We hang out here almost everyday and stayed here for our last night. And did I mention, their spot is beach front, sweet!

Their price rates are:

1,000/per night (no bathroom)

1,200/per night (with private bathroom)

For other price rates, you can be check their Facebook page, just click this link: Board Liwa-Liwa


Another place you guys can stay-in is the well-known The Circle Hostel. I've stayed here before and it's super artsy and refereshing. What I love most is the story behind the name, The Circle, because in that place nobody's a stranger. The Circle is great for backpackers, people who are travelling solo and/or in a budget trip. They are certified as the first chain of budget freindly eco-hostels in the Philippines. Their goal is to create a positive and friendly community atmosphere among travellers which you'll feel once you stay there. To read more about them and their price rates, just click this link : The Circle Hostel

(Photographed by Aaron Palabyap)


If there's THE hang out place, there is also THE place to eat- Mama Phoebe's. They sell everything too, as in everything that you'll need. Just name it! And yes, if you're wondering if there's really a Mama Phoebe, she exist. She is like the mother of that place. Everyone knows her and greets her all the time. She's like a bundle of sunshine when you see her, always smiling.

Tip: If you plan to go to Zambales, make sure to try Mama Phoebe's Banana Chocolate shake. It's the bomb! I swear it's so good that it'll make you come back for more! By the way, everything is walking distance.


Another highlight of the trip is when we released the baby turles back to their home- the sea. It was my first time to touch a baby turtle. Watching them struggle away to the shore to make its way to the water, such an emotional and breathetaking experience. Everything from flipper prints, flipping from the waves, and everything in between was such a beauty. We had to release them around 4:30 to 5pm though, since it was the golden hour, and the guy incharge of the experience said that they regularly do it during that time so the baby turtles could follow the light. Amazing right?


  • It's estimated that only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings will survive to adulthood.

  • Hatchlings use the natural light horizon, which is usually over the ocean, along with the white crests of the waves to reach the water when they emerge from the nest. Any other light sources such as beachfront lighting, street lights, light from cars, campfires etc. can lead hatchlings in the wrong direction, also known as disorientation.

To be more engaged about this and be aware, head over to

(Sea turtle photos by Brian Uy & Aaron Palabyap)


Now, the relevance of my title is connected to this photo (Though me & Miggy weren't here) We met all these people on the beach, how surprising right? One thing I've realized, in the beach, you will never know who you will meet. Different personalities that come in all different shapes and sizes just come and go, but there will be some who will leave footprints in your heart...and one day, you just might see them again in the same shore line.


Witnessing this beautiful sunset made me realize that this is what living is, and this is what it feels to be alive. What an opportunity this is for me to experience such beauty; something I didn't know our country had. At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour, but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and just follow the sun....and eat when our friends call us!

I love how you can just kill time just by laying your towel by the shore and just bask under the sun. Watching all the surfers just riding the waves, and when you look around, everyone's just doing their own thing without a care in the world. We can all agree that there's just something about the beach that leaves us naturally high. It's my favorite place on earth. It just gives us the feeling of excitement, being free, and never staying put.


Ending the night with a bonfire is probably the perfect thing to do. Plus sharing it with these folks that I now call our band, the "Liwa- Liwa travellers." so stay tuned guys.


The sad part for me is going home, but then realizing that there will be another wave to catch, another sunset to watch, and another beach trip to plan and look forward to again soon.

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(Photographed by Aaron Palabyab)


Come drop by my friend's awesome and artsy blog - Aaron. He's a jetsetter go getter. Just click on this name to get linked to his website.

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