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15 signs that you might be addicted to Instagram


I'm kinda sure pretty much everyone has Instagram now these days. There are some who takes their time to conceptualize the image like choosing a filter is a do or die kind of decision. Then there are people who post every now and then; not even bothering to put a filter. Let us not forget that there are also Instagrammers who use Instagram as their diary, who shares everything from their breakfast, lunch, dinner and almost everything in between. I mean that's why there's facebook right?

It might be the time to accept that there's a problem here, but don't worry I'll try to help you guys by giving you small tips and advices to work everything out. Here are 15 signs that you might be addicted to Instagram.

  1. Instagram is the first thing you check the moment you wake up, and the last thing you do before going to bed. Tip: First thing's first. Brush your teeth then at least make yourself a good cup of coffee before checking Instagram. Remember checking it too much will just give you reasons to be bored cause there's nothing new to see. Wouldn't it be better if you compile it, then once you open your Instagram, there so much to see and read.

  2. Your food becomes cold from taking too much photos in every angle. (Guilty myself) Tip: There's nothing wrong in taking photos of your food, just limit it to 5, then that's good enough. I mean it's not a photoshoot, right?

  3. Many couples have arguments because one is always too busy trying to capture the perfect moment for Instagram that one forgets to seize the moment. Tip: Live the moment. Timing is everything.

  4. A picture without double digit... insta-delete! Tip: Don't care too much about the likes, it doesn't define who you are.

  5. You know the perfect time to post. (Guilty myself)

  6. You react when someone makes a comment in your photo, but forgets to like it. Tip: Maybe they just really forgot. They're still human you know :)

  7. You're not only checking your followers, but you're also using an app to check unfollowers. Tip: If they really want to follow you, they will. And if they unfollow you, just think, it's their lost.

  8. You get upset when your dog/cat doesn't stand still for the photo. Tip: Don't forget they're just animals. They don't know when and when not you're taking a photo of them. If you really want a great photo, it's your job to capture it.

  9. Checking your Instagram while you're in the toilet. (Guilty myself) Tip: That's a great way to fill up your time *wink wink*

  10. You accidentally liked a 50week old photo of a person you're stalking. Tip: Be careful next time. C'mon we all know we stalk someone.

  11. You spend weekends taking OOTD for next week. Tip: It's called OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) so you post it on that day itself. Unless it's a #Latergram

  12. The first few seconds after posting a photo on Instagram is the most exciting part of your day.

  1. It takes you a while to think of a witty caption or you compile all your future captions. Tip: Don't worry the perfect caption will come to you. Just give it some time.

  2. You have wild theories about people who bought their followers. Tip: C'mon, just leave them alone.

  3. You get annoyed with people who use hashtags. Tip: Hashtags aren't so bad. Just make sure you don't abuse it. Hashtags are just like public albums for everyone. And it honestly makes it easier for you when you explore.

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