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Flower Child, Gypsy, Free-spirited and everything in between

If you've been following me on Instagram, you must know my feed always had a touch of bohemian much gusto which I just can't help. It's just synced in my system. Surprisingly, an online store named @ShopTeepee wanted to collaborate with me. The moment I saw her online store, I just couldn't help, but say YES. This bag showcases an amazing piece of fabric handmade embroidered from Thailand. Isn't such a beauty? I must admit, I admire people who have the patience to create such design in a very specific detail. It fascinates me how these people use their talent in such way. The bag sent to me was oversized which I love. Oversized in a way that it's bigger than usual, but I chose this because it is more spacious. Knowing me, I intend to bring a lot of stuff when I'm on the go, especially when I'm in a hurry. Like when I had this shoot in my sister's condo a few days ago, I was rushing since I was already late plus I had to pick her up in the mall. I had to rush everything inside my bag such as my laptop (which was very heavy) , charger, iPad, flower crown, make-up kit, phone, and other more small things. I was stunned that everything fits... but at the same time a bit afraid that it might not be able to hold it all together or the fabric might tear up. Even after the shoot was done, and as I went back home, everything was still in tacked with no sign of tear. Whew! This bag can take all that weight. It's definitely a multi-purpose bag. Handy & stylish! For the flower childs, gypsies, and free-spirited ladies make sure to check their Instagram @ShopTeepee

Close up photo for the specific art details - Amazing.

Oh, Hello there Bugs

Had to squeeze an OOTD post!

Photographed by Miggy Azada

Hair & Make-up by Yours Truly

Location : Isah's Condo

Romper, Forever 21 / Necklace, Bazaar finds / Vest, Thrifted / Flower Crown, Funky Fish / Bag, @Shopteepee

#thailand #embroidered #handmade #shopteepee #bohemian #boho #gypsy #flowerchild

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