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A Sweet Aftenoon

This was my first collaboration for the month of January and the first of 365 days. I'm so delighted with my first collaboration. It gave me a sweet tooth. You'll know why. @Sweetcheeksjewelry sent me this appetizing accessories that makes me want to munch on them while wearing it, but kidding on the side. If you look closely, these little pieces are so well-crafted and thought of, every single one of them. If ever you're looking for a quirky present to give, you just might have found it! Make sure to check their Instagram.

Photo 1-26-15, 12 47 48 PM.jpg

Photo 1-21-15, 6 05 31 AM.jpg

Photo 1-21-15, 6 07 25 AM.jpg

Photo 1-21-15, 6 03 25 AM.jpg

There even made a time to even write me a sweet note, it says:

"Dear Lexie, Thank you so much for the opportunity to send you some accessories from sweet cheeks jewelry. It's still the first month of the year so let me greet you... Happy New Year! May you have a sweet 2015."


Photo 1-21-15, 6 09 44 AM.jpg

Photo 1-21-15, 6 09 15 AM.jpg

Photo 1-21-15, 6 12 37 AM.jpg

Photo 1-21-15, 6 11 36 AM.jpg

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