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Rewind to long hair and fresh air

Exploring Antipolo's amazing museum in this stylish and comfy boho ensemble. There's no style I love more than bohemian. There is just something about them that just makes you free-spirited and doesn't make you feel you're over-dressed. If you want to do your own version of this look, it's not so hard to put together. Either wear a loose top or bottom or even do both, just like what I did. But make sure it's not to loose to the point it won't look flattering anymore. And remember, there's nothing wrong with showing a little bit of skin, either off-shoulder or a little crop top as long as you don't look too revealing and you're comfortable with your skin because based on my experience, there's nothing on this planet that feels better then being comfortable in what you're wearing, especially when you have a long day ahead of you.

Now that you're wearing those free hanging pieces make sure to let it just drape around you, because that's the beauty of wearing this kind of style. You may also pair it with a floppy hat and any foot wear than can make your feet breathe. Avoid wearing those closed ones cause it may ruin the overall look. Plus, you may match it with a sling bag to make the attire even more suitable. Also, before I forget! matching it with bunch of accessories will blend too. Such as tons of rings, bracelets and even necklaces. This is the only style that wearing too much accessories is acceptable.