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Happy Hearts & Lots of Art at Pinto Art Museum

If you love art as much I do, then this is definitely the place to go. I can honestly say it's every artist's little piece of heaven to have this kind of gallery. Not so far from the city but also have a sight of an amazing scenery all at the same time. But the best thing is that it's not two hours away from Manila's chaos. Though finding it is quiet a challenge if you're not familiar with the streets of Rizal, Antipolo. So I suggest you download the app Waze or Google Maps before leaving.

So I've been dying to go to this museum since I see it a lot on Instagram, which Im sure you guys have too. So me and my boyfriend, Miggy decided to set a date to go there. It's more a of whole day thing if you really want to appreciate the art. Pinto Art Museum has well-over 300 artworks.

The entrance fee is 150 Php but if you have a student's ID you can get it for 75Php. The manager of the place is very friendly and gave us little tour plus they sell drinks too (Ice tea & Buko juice) which were both refereshing especially after strolling around since the place is a 1.2 hectars property.