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I found the cutest coffee shop ever and guess what? It's just around the corner. It's in the center of everything here our city - Salcedo Village. Commune Bar + Cafe is known for their own "commune blend" which is a special blend of Philippine coffee varieties. I was so excited to try their 3D latte art which everyone's talking about, especially on Instagram and hooray! They met my expectations. It's very affordable but it takes a while to be served more or less around 15 to 20 minutes which is understandable because it's not your ordinary cup of coffee. As I explored around the cafe, you'll really see the hard work of the barista doing the coffee, very particular with every detail and each cup is handcrafted with perfection. No wonder they became an instant hit around the neighborhood. They're just too adorable, it's like I don't wanna drink the coffee and just take pictures of it in every angle (which I did btw) *giggles*

Commune Bar + Cafe is a perfect place to hang out in Makati especially if you work or live near the area and just want to sit down and avoid the rush hour and heavy traffic. This is the perfect place to kill time. The interior is undeniably cozy and has a homey vibe which fits perfectly with their theme. They also have wall paintings and artworks that will really catch your attention. I must say, every corner of the place is Instagram worthy and I can't imagine anyone who would come and leave without taking atleast one photo.