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Somewhere in India

by Luisa Jimenez

Short story, Luisa got inspired while she was travelling in Malaysia a few months back for a flow art's camp in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. She was fascinated by the beauty and fashion sense of the Indians in Malaysia. She mainly got inspired in Central Market in Kuala Lumpur while she was walking around seeing all the beautiful textiles and fabrics, she even got her nose ring there for only 75 Php. She's been going to Kuala Lumpur every year for 4 years cause her dad was an expatraite there so she would visit him time to time and she would never miss a shopping trip to the Central Market. The rich colors and textures expanded her color and texture palette.

She's always been fond of Infinity scarves, and was already making them for her friends and family here in the Philippines. So after her trip she decided to make scraves that were inspired by the Sari clothing of Indians.