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Throw Pillows + Beach Blankets

For a day at the beach, a picnic at the park or just cuddling up on a rainy afternoon. Coastal Manila surely has it for you .

Luisa is an art doodler. She usually uses pens and markers to make her wall art. She loves creating pieces using yarn and wood as well. She is now exploring marrying her art and home decor. She is a waldorf teacher and is taking up her yoga teacher training in January 2015.

Midnight Blue 54" x 42" Php 600

Summer Pink 54" x 42" Php 600

Party Blue 15' x 15' Php 420

Gun Metal Gray 15' x 15' Php 420

Party Red 15' x 15' Php 420

Aztec 15' x 15' Php 420

Golden Paisley 15' x 15' Php 420

Pumpkin 15' x 15' Php 420

All photographs by yours truly.

#collaboration #scraf #throwpillows #coastalmanila #blankets #pillows #aztec #designs #urban #luisajimenez #beach #photography #art

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