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Let's Take A Walk

So lately I've been obsessed with layers and stockings. I just can't help it, with the cold weather upon us plus and the December vibe I can't help but take advantage of the season. I mean it won't last forever so I say if you want to wear layers don't be hesitant and just go for it! I was inspired by the ladies from the west that I see on Lookbook, OOTD Magazine and Instagram. I follow asian bloggers as well, so those boost of style inspirations will just keep on going.

All photos photographed by Mayumi Catabijan

Hat, Forever 21 / Vest, Forever 21 / Inner Top, Greenhills / Skirt, Bazaar Finds / Rings, Forever 21 / Stockings, Landmark / Boots, Forever 21

#ootdphilippines #fashionootd #ootd #fashion #streetfashion #cold #outfit #art #artsy #forever21

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